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Dar Al-Itijahat_(DAI) company offers the best services for moving offices plus furniture’s .DAI moving company in Riyadh capable of providing the highest level of assistance in transporting all offices and furniture pieces that the customer needs to transfer, and the house of directions has the ability to complete the process of moving furniture professionally and in all safety and peace. So if you need to move furniture Your location from one place to another within the city of Riyadh, the directions house can provide you with the best assistance in moving furniture from anywhere in the city of Riyadh, and you will be able to get an excellent service that you will not find like anywhere else, for a furniture transport company in Riyadh is a professional company that provides services Excellent, cheapest and best price.

You can take us through the home moving service. The staff starts their mission by cleaning the furniture Carpenters start cutting large-sized household furniture from beds, beds and dining rooms Packaging each piece in the baggage When you get to the desired location, technicians begin to reinstall

Choosing high-quality

Choosing high-quality products and materials> to use in the packing of luggage is one of the most important steps that we should pay attention to before considering moving furniture from one place to another. Because it is a delicate process that will preserve every piece of movables especially if they are valuable and of high value, and it is worth Noting that there are multiple types of luggage packing that are suitable for all purposes such as kitchen appliances, antiques, furniture, clothes and other pieces of furniture to be protected when transported, which is what you will find .easily with the best furniture transport company in Riyadh

Furniture Moving Company in Riyadh is keen to provide an integrated guarantee to its customers so that they feel reassured while dealing with us that the guarantee includes some important items, which are

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Storage services

DAI provides quick solutions for keeping furniture properly. It is known that many homes and homes buy many numbers of furniture, especially as the number of family members increases from childhood to youth, so we find that there are children's bedrooms that the family does not need, and they are placed in dark rooms It is possible to collect insects and, of course, when there is excess moisture in the place, the room is damaged and peeling and becomes worn out

But when negligence and you have a company that stores furniture in Riyadh, it is one of the best companies that keeps furniture clean and free of dust and can save it for years until you find it used or sold at a better price as used furniture. Contact us to learn more about our services.


Moving kits include boxes wrap paper bubbles and much more hurry up order it, it will not be available forever. Free delivery and payment upon receipt. We accept all credit cards, including American Express, call now


Get your package for your moving apartment at the lowest prices
 * 10 moving and storage Boxes

 * 15 meters plastics (air bubbles)
+ 15 meters paper roll
 * 5 tapes
+ scalpel
+ pen
+ 10 stickers to determine your items
 All this for only 99 riyals (You will save 10%).
🚚 Free Delivery
💰Pay on Delivery
💳 we accept all credit cards
Get your package for your moving Vila at lowest prices
 * 40 moving and storage Boxes

 * 50 meters plastics (air bubbles)
+ 50 meters paper roll
 * 15 tapes
+ scalpel
+ pen
+ 40 stickers to determine your items
 All this for only 299 riyals (You will save 22%).
🚚 Free Delivery
💰Pay on Delivery
💳 we accept all credit cards
Get your package for your moving house at the lowest prices
 * 25 moving and storage Boxes

 * 25 meters plastics (air bubbles)
+ 25 meters paper roll
 * 5 tapes
+ scalpel
+ pen
+ 10 stickers to determine your items
 All this for only 149 riyals (You will save 18%).
🚚 Free Delivery
💰Pay on Delivery
💳 we accept all credit cards
** Moving kits include boxes wrap paper bubbles and much more hurry up order it, it will not be available forever. Free delivery and payment upon receipt. We accept all credit cards, including American Express, call now
شركة نقل اثاث و عفش تخزين تغليف 0555443965 دار الاتجاهات للنقل المحلي و الداخلي​شركة نقل اثاث و عفش تخزين تغليف 0555443965 دار الاتجاهات للنقل المحلي و الداخلي​شركة نقل اثاث و عفش تخزين تغليف 0555443965 دار الاتجاهات للنقل المحلي و الداخلي​شركة نقل اثاث و عفش تخزين تغليف 0555443965 دار الاتجاهات للنقل المحلي و الداخلي​


شركة نقل اثاث و عفش تخزين تغليف 0555443965 دار الاتجاهات للنقل المحلي و الداخلي​

📦 Customized boxes for transport, moving, packaging, and storage at a price of SR 2 and 90 Halalas only (the lowest price in the market) separat

Furniture reasons for relocating:

Many people at times transfer pieces of furniture and luggage own homes or their companies or their office needs in secure and reliable stores.

Due to some important conditions, such as travel for long periods to protect them from theft or because of a move to another house or for home renovations that need to change floors and paint, or because of the renewal of furniture, and relocation house and the desire to keep him in reliable places until sold.

Services in the transfer of furniture:

Transfer of furniture from the house and move to another office or another no longer causes a problem as before, it has become far easier and easier. Sharp House Trends in Riyadh, working in the field of transport and furniture store where the company has advanced capabilities and means to deal with furniture, transportation, packaging, and storage. The company is removing and installing furniture and shifts and re-installed with high accuracy and skill.

We specialize in the transfer of services and offices Albertina and everything related to furniture and the contents of the corporate offices, government departments, institutions, furniture palaces, and residential complexes and houses.

Where we use the best means of modern methods and equipment necessary for the transfer of luggage to the custom to put the stores and cars. Good storage when the transfer of furniture: When we think of storage must be through a reliable company security and safety hand and the Secretariat and to maintain such property without causing any damage or damage done.

It must be equipped with warehouses for keeping furniture perfectly safe from any dangers. Where it must be well ventilated and by good lighting. Also, it must be ceramic floors, and there are follow-ups and relocation periodically.

The company features: · 25 years of experience in the transfer of furniture.

· We excel to offer cheap prices compared with other storage furniture companies. · We offer one month free when you store with us company.

O Will be sent consisting of 5 gift cartons and plastic air, Flynn Horton and scalpel attached Center without any charge, even if there is no agreement · We specialize only transport, packaging and storage (as is said to specialize feature of workmanship) · Furniture packaging and plastic cartons and roller, etc. according to the client. · We can move the furniture to any place in Saudi Arabia and abroad. · The administrative staff of the company is purely a Saudi.

O The Working Group of the workers and technicians have been trained to use methods and technological means and modern transportation and storage of furniture, collectibles home with ease and professionalism, and in cooperation with international experts in the relevant field.

O Cars and trailers. Conveyors are closed and furnished Balmucyt all aspects of cork reinforced to avoid bumps and scratches · Ensure certificates of insurance and insurance companies all movables certified when needed We are happy to offer our services to you, please feel free to communicate with us then you are in the right place, and with good hands.

Please feel free to contact us at 0555443965 or 0555003395

DAI for transport, packaging, and storage

We also have customized cartons for transport, packaging and storage lowest price in the market and high quality only at the price of SR 2 and 90 Halalas only

How to pack when moving

If we had to pick the part of the moving process to be the most boring one, although it has a very strong competition, we would have to agree that packing is ultimately the worst. But, mostly it’s like that because people do not know how to pack. That turns a boring task into a very difficult one, also causing stuff to break, fall out of the boxes, and spill their contents. You are a student so when it comes to stuff you probably don’t have a lot, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to pack when moving. Chances are you will move quite often so it would come in handy to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

1.Make it fun!

How to pack your home?

All the stuff you need to pack

Regardless of how big is your apartment, packing is going to take hours. So why spend them feeling miserable when you can feel awesome instead. We have a couple of ways to pack properly, but all of them include multiple people. So, create some game and challenges, invite your closest friends (the ones that like you enough to help you pack) and get started. Get some snacks, play some music and have fun. If college isn’t the place to do it, we have no idea what is. Make sure that you invite both guys and girls so both sexes can contribute with their own set of skills. Do not pass out alcohol until at least half of the apartment is in boxes

2. Throw away stuff you don’t need

Throughout the years, you have certainly gathered a lot of unnecessary items. All that junk is lying around somewhere in your apartment. We are not going to advise you how to pack that sweater that is more than seven years old and you wore it last time when you threw up on the clothes you were originally wearing. Out with it! You have a lot of options – donate, throw away, even sell, anything is better than carrying unnecessary belongings from one condo to another, without ever using them. If you have enough time, declutter your home before you start packing, but if not, just put all of that junk aside and in the end of the move you will see how many things you had and never really used. And if you decide to donate, you have a couple of organizations that will pick up your stuff for free (such as Make Space and Donation Town).

3. Hire a moving company

How to pack for a move

Pack like a professional

Even if you are only moving dorm to dorm, there will be a lot of stuff. If you are by chance going far, chances are this is your only option. In other articles on our blog you can read more about how to hire the best moving company. Besides actually moving stuff they can also help you with packing. It would be much easier to know how to pack if you know how will you be transporting your stuff. Experience shows that in this situation hiring professionals can help decrease the anxiety and stress, as well as the time invested in moving.

4. Create a plan and a to-do list

To – do list amongst students usually turn into I-never-did-that lists, but let’s try to make this one a bit differently. There is no point in knowing tips on how to pack if you are just going to use “the random method”. To spend more time drinking than wrapping create a plan and stick to it. Make it like a game – I don’t get to do something fun until I pack all my clothes etc. (If you are having doubts on how to do that you can check this helpful video.

5. Get all the boxes!

Wouldn’t it be fun to walk into your favorite liquor store and instead of buying the usual you just say – Give me all your boxes? The person at the cash register might be a bit surprised, but liquor stores are one of the best places to get packing materials. You will pack easily if you use not only your own bag and suitcase, that won’t be enough, but also a whole bunch of boxes. Get also a lot of duct tape, plastic bags and bubble…

11 Tips for When You’re Moving to a New Office Space

Moving to a new office space is just as involved a process as moving to a new home. You’ve got big, bulky furniture, difficult to pack electronics, and multiple rooms worth of knick-knacks to get packed up. And usually, there’s not a whole lot of time to get it all done (you can’t exactly shut down operations for a week to sort things out). An office relocation is a lot of work, regardless of the size of your company. If you’re trying to navigate one, follow these tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

  1. Start planning early
    There’s no such thing as “winging it” when it comes to moving to a new office space. You have to start the planning process early, divvying up who will be doing what, how they’ll be doing it, and when it will be getting done. Otherwise, you may find yourself scrambling at the last minute, and nobody wants to be in the office all night throwing staplers in a box or trying to figure out how to get a dozen massive printers ready for transport. In addition to planning how you’ll get everything ready for moving day, you’ll also want to have a plan in place for where things will go when you arrive at your new office space. Use a blueprint to figure out office and common space layouts and figure out any new needs you might have. Figure that you’ll probably have to set aside at least a few months to efficiently plan your office relocation, and a couple of months to actually get everything set up and ready to go. And don’t forget to plan ahead for your moving budget—it’s important to know how much you have to spend.
  2. Appoint a move manager
    Even if you’re going to be dividing up the work, it’s still important to have a designated move manager who can facilitate and follow up on each step to ensure that things are progressing. Usually the best person for this is an administrative assistant, but you may also choose to appoint someone who has past experience with commercial relocations.
  3. Do research to find the best moving company
    We always recommend researching and getting quotes from at least three professional moving companies before booking your move, but because an office move can get very expensive, very fast, you’re better off looking at a couple more than that. If you have the budget for it, plan to hire a full service moving company—they’ll do all the packing for you, as well as the loading, unloading, and unpacking. Ask around for recommendations of moving companies that have experience with office relocations, since you’ll want to make sure you only hire a company with a proven track record of success in this area. To get the most accurate quote possible, have a representative from each company come to your office and see the scope of the work. With jobs like this, it’s not enough to describe what needs to be done over the phone.Any moving company you hire for your commercial relocation should be licensed and insured. Check out ourhttps://moving.com.sa/en/ for a vetted list of reputable movers.
  4. Assign everyone the task of packing up their own desk
    While you may be having a moving company come in to take care of the big stuff, it will still be a major help to have everyone responsible for their own desk space. Give your staff a heads up on when they’ll need to have their desks packed up by, and try to encourage them to do a little bit at a time so nobody is trying to get all packed up at the last minute. You may need to just give your team a couple hours of time off on the day before the move to get their desks in order.
  5. Don’t forget I.T.
    One of the biggest complications inherent in moving to a new office space is disconnecting and reconnecting all of your tech. As soon as you know the date of your move, have your I.T. department draft a plan for transferring all of your office’s technical equipment. This includes computers, servers, and phones, as well as your data and internet plans. This is a big job, and one that you can’t outsource to the movers, so it’s critical that your team gets to work on it as early as possible. If there are pieces of equipment that you’ll be getting rid of, set up a plan for recycling or donating them. https://moving.com.sa/en/, and the https://moving.com.sa/en/ are all non-profit organizations that accept used tech and donate them where they’re needed most. In some cases, the equipment does not even have to be in current working condition. If you’re planning to recycle un-needed equipment instead, check out the
  6. Get a handle on building rules
    Unless your company owns the building you are moving out of or in to, you will need to get a full breakdown of all building rules around relocating. It may be that you are only allowed to move during non-business hours or that you must put in a special request to use the service elevator. Get these rules from building management as early as you can, since it will dictate the logistics of moving day.
  7. Put address change orders in place
    It’s better to start updating documents with your new address earlier rather than later, so place your orders for new business cards, letterhead, envelopes, return labels, etc. right when you know your new address. Make sure to update your clients as well, especially if they regularly ship stuff to you. It’s much better to have all of your updated documents on hand before your move than to risk going days or weeks without them in your new space.
  8. Be diligent about labeling your boxes
    Labeling your boxes is important in all moves, but especially when you’re moving to a new office. To keep operations running during and after the move, you’ll want to carefully label every single box so you’re not looking for things like more printer paper or toner only when you really need them. For maximum efficiency, label each box with a location and a number, and keep a corresponding spreadsheet that lists each box number and the items that are inside of it. It’s a bit more work, but it will save you a ton of time when you’re getting settled in your new location and it will be easy for everyone to access.
  9. Make sure everything will fit
    While you may intend to bring that massive breakroom fridge with you, the dimensions of the kitchen space in your new breakroom might not allow for it. Instead of wasting time, energy, and money on transporting items that aren’t going to work in your new office space, get the dimensions of your largest items and compare them to the measurements of your next location. This applies to things like your conference room tables, large electrical equipment, and anything else that necessitates a lot of space. Hopefully you have chosen a new office that allows for the accommodation of your existing furniture and tech, but if you haven’t, you’ll want to know that before move in—not after.
  10. Try to move some non-essentials on your own first
    Simplify moving day by transporting the little stuff as you can, provided there’s an overlap of timing with your new lease. You can make the whole moving process easier by taking over items like plants and bulk office supplies on your own, especially if you can get them set up in their new locations before you officially move in.
  11. Celebrate your new digs
    An office relocation is stressful on everyone, including your employees. As a “thank you” for everyone’s cooperation in making it happen and as a way to celebrate your new space, budget in a small party for after the move. You don’t have to be completely set up yet, and it doesn’t have to be anything major—even a mid-day celebration luncheon sometime in the first week after moving will show your staff how much you appreciate their help and welcome in exciting things at the new office.

Moving to a new office is a lot of work, but chances are you’re doing it for a good reason. Plan ahead as much as you can so that to-dos don’t slip through the cracks, and appoint your move manager very early on in the process. Knowing that someone has a handle on all the moving parts will help alleviate stress and keep things running on track.

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